Posted: May 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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OMG … like OMG … like these are da best things ever i swear i aint never seen nothing that looks this good … I THINK FOR ALL GIRLS THESE ARE A MUST HAVE

BOI (Big Sean voice)

  1. LOL, I saw a girl in the supermarket as I was walking through the feminine hygiene aisle shaking a U by Kotex tampon box… not sure how shaking it will help her figure out whether they work better than others 😛 I guess it is always fun to shake things, lol, especially because they’re so light!

    • junej says:

      Lol oh wow but yeah man i love looking at the colors on those things

      • Haha, no shit… I have pictures of the U by Kotex pads opened up and laid out on my blog too so I know what you mean by the funky colours 😛 God, even when I took them out of the box, my eyes went all blurry. When I tried to take pictures with my camera, I had to do 5-6 shots just to get ONE to come out right because my camera kept on trying to compensate for the different vibrant tones of colour!

      • junej says:

        Lol i feel u mayne

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