Posted: May 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Man like forreal my heart is really broken mayne …idk why my heart broke into so many pieces … man i feel like no one loves me. No one cares abat me. I mess everything up. I dont know why im even on this earth. Some times i just wanna curl up into a ball be put into somthing and shipped off into space so everyone can forget about me.My heart has been shot,stabbed,ran over,scrapped,ran threw a shredder,stomped,burnt,slammed into the ground ,and broken into 100,00,000,000,000,000,000 pieces.My homie carmen got broken down too.she said f**k love.I cant say that cuz thats not the way i am.But she also said its crazy how some one can be in love one day and the next day just be like forget that person.Thats like you have feelings for sumone and they send one text you aint like and now all of a sudden you dont have feelings for that person no more.Im starting to think that theres no one out there for me cuz all the time i get shut down .Im just gonna be loney for the rest of my life . I aint never gonna find someone who loves me.If i do idk if i should trust them or not because i might just get broken down again and i dont know how many more times i can take that … when i get heartbroken i cant do anything i cant sleep, i cant really eat, I CANT EVEN MAKE A BEAT!!!!!!!! I CANT MAKE A FREAKIN BEAT … THATS SUMTHIN I DO EVERYDAY….No one cares really NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME …

  1. Manu says:

    even mine was the same situation…..but as the time passes, u will forget everything…..just go for a walk along the beach or do some thing that is more appealing

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