Posted: June 2, 2010 in music, poems
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We were no where near a tier but had a good year
Looked so good together its like we were headlight
People were dears ….
They turned there heads and just had to stair

Used to feel like big sean now i feel like lil sean
Used to think of you in everysong
Now i cant even sing along

I had to struggle so i over shine
Took that line from nipsey hope he dont mind
I just wish i had sumthin from you i can call mine
Luvin got me a ticket so i payed da fine

B I told me Chris what u thought is fictional
That gurl aint never gonna luv you, you gotta get the picture bro
Sometimes the people you thought you knew you dnt really know
You had it,loved it,lost it,want it but now you gotta let her go …

BOI (Big Sean voice)

*This is a june jissle poem*

  1. slpmartin says:

    Giving up on love is hard…but so necessary sometimes so you can free your mind…thanks for the post.

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