Poem #7 LUVIN U

Posted: June 8, 2010 in music, poems
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Loving the warmness of your smile
And the music of your laugh
I feel your tenderness
And your oh so sexy style

I don’t know why god blessed me
With such a friend as you
But it makes my life complete
And incredibly happy too

The way you always know me
And exactly what to do
When my loneliness gets me down
I can always text u

With you I learned to trust
And wit you having a partner is more than lust
Who could have possibly told me
How could I have known
That you would come in to my life
And my love wud start to fully cum threw
And like a sexy pair of jordans
I dont want to touch you because i domt want to scuff a shoe

To share your tender heart
The happyness of your smile
The power of your love
For these I’d walk for miles

To be thinking of a time
When you’d no longer be there
And all your feelings are shared with someone else
Is not acceptable to me
Because in my life all i want is this
Always and forever… Me and you

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