Poem #12 172,800 seconds

Posted: June 13, 2010 in music, poems
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172,800 SECONDS

We been threw alot
We seen alot
And said alot
So when we not next to each other why in the world would u think my lovin would stop

I always showed my feelings for you and its been more than a year
I know your not going to believe me but i still get buterflies when your near

Im dying and only have 2 days to live and then im threw
For my last 42 hours ill know exacly who to come too
While im holding you in my arms…
my last words will say “thank you for being mine … ILL ALWAYS TRULEY LOVED YOU”

This is a June Jissle Poem

  1. nice this sounds a lot like a rap. good work. i like it!

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