Posted: June 25, 2010 in music, poems
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Remember when
Way back then
When you were my friend
You said it wont ever end

Remeber how i used to walk to your job
Not just once in a while but everyday i had off
In the rain In the snow
Even in the cold i aint care about the pain i wouldnt let it show

Remember in the back of Ms Cardova class
The way we were sittin
Sneeked a lil kiss in
Alil quick 1 2 … Lol
When your seat was empty your comfort i was missin

Remember were it first started
We were in Ms Casella class
Aint care and wasnt interested in you because you had an ass
Looked at ur smile and had to talk to you i couldnt let the chance pass
Good times we had… Wished they woulda last…

  1. sandra says:

    awwww tooo freaaaking cuteeee ! i loooooove itt !

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