Eminem – Recovery review

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Album & Mixtape Reviews, music
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I know i know im late lol but i just aint get around to it yet. well i really aint want to Eminem iinst my fav rapper. Dont get me wrong , HE GOES HARD !!!!!!!!!!, but yeah hes still not my favorite rapper. Ok so we all know Eminem can rap so thats nothin new on this album his lyrics really stick out since he screamin em alot lol. The beats on here are nice aint nothin that makes me say WOOOOOOOOOW but yeah they still hot though. He had producers like Boi-1da,Dj Khalil (thats not DJ Khaled right ???),Just Blaze, and more.

3.5/5 STARS

1.25 to life (because i can relate to this song)
2.Love The Way You Lie
3.Talking 2 Myself
4.Cold Wind Blows

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