BIG SHOUTOUT: Ronald ‘Young Ron’ Warren

Posted: August 6, 2010 in shout outs
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How in the world … AM I NOT GONNA DO THE GREAT YOUNG RON SHOUT OUT !!!! Man … this is gonna be a long one but i promise to keep it short… This is my boi right here no matter what i promise i aint gettin big wit out him right there wit me (n my other ppl lol)… I mean like it all started back in 3rd grade when ya boi (me) came up wit HiP and ron was like im down … i aint know what i was doin i was just writtin hip all over my beat (usin hip hop ejay lol) and as we got older me and him been makin beats together non stop…9 almost 10 year later .. AND WE STILL YELLIN OUT H.I.P WIT THE NEW CREW E.C.G.!!!!!!!! N one day i herd this dude spit … i was speechless i get goosebumps every time i hear this dude rap N IT SOUND SO OFFICIAL like this dude i would say is better than hmmm 80% of rappers out there but anyway This dude inspires me and encourages me to keep making beats the way i do (even tho i never told him that shhhh lol) but i just wanna say … THANK YOU Young Ron Warren FOR EVERY THING MAN… i know for a fact we gone be big … maybe you b4 me cuz u rap lol

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