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WARNING MUST LISTEN !!!! ‘Dead Presid3nts (produced by June Jissle)’ by Rymo coming from the new EP by Rymo “The Imprint” beats inspired by Jay Z classic albums (the blueprint,reasonable doubts and more)


COMMENT/ RATE / SUBSCRIBE Whats up people. Im back with a new remake i made from the drake – show me a good time it took me a while to do the remake because i didnt know the chords but since i watched the video from Dhk4 video on how to play show me a good time i was READY AND SET TO GO!!!. Well you know i had to add my jissle flavor to the beat and change it around a lil. Well let me know what you think , leave comments n rate and subscribe. also if you want the bat let me know.



They say Go June, Go go June go
But if you aint talking money then its
No june no

She say i love june you kno, i love you june you kno
But i kno if i wasnt for who i was now that love will never show

Its crazy what love will make 1do
Its crazy how love never found you
Its crazy what someone like you would say for me to stay
Its crazy how so many games you play

Its wiered how you dont never call first
Its wiered how Louise Vuitton will alway quich your thirst
Its wiered that for us to talk i have to start of saying hi
Its wiered that your the first to say by

Truth be told you dont love me you never did
Truth be told you just wanted my fame to put on ebay for a bid

*This is a june jissle poem*

2 DAYS TILL JUNE JISSLE PRESENTS “College or ??? Vol2 The Mashup/Blendz Edition” yall get ready this mixtape gonne be hot hope yall checked out the 2 leaks wit justin bieber and the other wit nicki minaj !!

I produced 4 tracks for my dude Falonyouz and dey on his mixtape “Probable Cause” the tracks i made were: intro ,real shit,cant complaine,go getem
U can go get it at

And type in falonyouz