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M.I.A. Ft. Jay-Z- XXXO(Remix) she be makin some wiered music sumthin you find me bumpin heavy in the hummer but check this out ..

Notourious BIG feat Eazy -E,Lazie Bone – I Just Want The Paper. This track is from June Jissle – College or ??? vol.2 The Mashup/Blendz Edition OUT NOW go get the mixtape so you can always here this song and more… mashup/blendz are from artist like Jayz,Biggie,Kanye West,Rihanna,Drake,Lil Wayne,Justin Beiber, and more… make sure you go get the mixtape the link is …..

ayo this the boy FALONYOUZ D.R.IZ.Z with his video CAN’T COMPLAIN produced by ya boi June Jissle (me) check out the video to the song … joint mad hot