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old time favorite track

OMFG WHY DOES THIS DUDE STILL MAKE MUSIC … OMFG dam ima start rappin bcuz of this shit

this beat is to cold mayne yall gotta check this one out

yeah man i like this right here most importantly because the dude kanye produced it

wow they were shooting near my house again for the second night in a row WOW CANT BELIEVE DAT but dang that crazy sometimes idk man i wanna be in da middle of that sh*t and say STOP SHOOTIN and if a bullet hits me then dang id i mean like i dont have nothin to live for no one whos there for me no one who loves me one of my best homies movin away … dang man this life is crazy i just wanna go some were i can clear my mind

Poem #18 Fancy

Posted: June 18, 2010 in music, poems
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You fancy huh
You fancy huh
Oh you fancy huh
You fancy huh

Hair done
Nails done
Eveything did

Own kid
Own crib
Everything big

You fancy huh?
Nose in the air
Stepped on family and friends to get where your at
Struntin witcha loui bag without a care

You fancy huh?
Finally got out the hood
Nice job,nice man Eveything in your life is turnin out good

Oh you fancy huh?
You got a good man that always support you and made sure you was paid
Untill one day you found out he was cheatin came back the doctor told you your life is startin to fade

You fancy huh?
Now you cryin dont know what to do and you was just told your son might not recover from the flue

Your house burnt up
Your so call man dont give a … Wait hold up what
All you have lefted is your gucci bag in the U-haul truck

Smh … You fancy huh?

This is a June Jissle poem


We have so much fun together
We just say eff the weather
Bad day at work its ok cuz after i clock out were together
I luv it when you ask if im coming over … Keep that feeling forever

Forever … Forever ever FOREVER EVER
Wait didnt outkast say that
Big boi and Andre 3000 are tight
But us together were better BETTER

why you mess with them other lame new boyz …
Wait shh u hear the crickets
Its ok honey Thank Me Later
Here you like Drake i got you VIP tickets

I dont know how did I end up right here with you
After all the things that I been through
Spending time all those days…
We try and not to forget about
Lets take the shot and let it out

Since im here and you look so fine
Drake couldnt had said it better…

This is a June Jissle poem