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Poem#26 FAR AWAY

Posted: June 26, 2010 in music, poems
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Nah man
This aint the plan
In my wedding you was gonna be my bestman
Foreal … Dam

We always had gucci playin in the hummer
We had our ice on so we was cool in da summer
We both act stupid when they see us stuntin they say no wounder
Kimbo and juice how can there be another

Yo this is crazy i thought you were here to stay
Cone on man why does your mom gotta play
This is Perez Hilton …. Gay (kanye voice)
How da hell is my best friend movin away

This is a June Jissle poem

Poem #23 Lil Sister

Posted: June 23, 2010 in music, poems
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Lil sister

Yup thats her
I got her back
Yup thats her
Wont hesitate to share a stack

If she ever need anything ill be there
What her man actin up
Whats his name sis
Couple of phone calls he can dissapear

Back in the day we work together
Clown dudes together
Dance together
All at work and still got the chedder

Xpect aint the same since u lefted
I still think it was a setup to get you fired I guess
But just kno one thing
Lil sister ashley stanly your the best

This is a June Jissle poem

man you know you know … im really feelin sum type of way … i hope it aint a waste of time … i mean i dont want to but i want to… i hope this aint a waste of time i swear i hope it aint cuz the other one was well i feel like it is

check out the video for 2Pac Feat. 50 Cent- Why U Mad and go get the mixtape right here

umm ima big spitta fan … BUUUUT idk abat this song … what yall think ?????

lmao yo Juvenile is a beast i swear he is … BACK DAT ASS UP !!!!!! man that song is still poppin till this day